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Pink Passion

Pink Passion

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Pink ranunculus, pink spray roses, pink stock, eucalyptus greenery, stock


Our Guarantee 

Every order is important to us because we know how important it is to you. Hence, we earnestly endeavor to please every customer with beautiful flowers and accommodating service. Knowing that flowers are a perishable natural product and that floral arrangements and floral gifts are hand made, we make every effort to fortify our floral products and ensure the quality, accuracy and beauty of our work. Many variables determine whether a flower will last as long as anticipated or whether a designer has created something which you will enjoy. Because we constantly seek ways to bring some of these variables under our control for improved floral performance, we welcome your comments and inquiries. Also, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of one of our products, then please contact us immediately and we will promptly take the appropriate action. 

    Substitution Policy 

Fresh Flowers: We are committed to delivering your important emotional sentiments on time and as fresh and beautiful as possible. Because of the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We will make every effort to maintain the “look and feel” of the arrangement by considering the overall shape, size, style, and color combinations. In single-variety arrangements the variety will take precedence over color. For instance, if an order is for yellow daisies, they will substitute another color of daisies, not another yellow flower. White roses and cream roses may be substituted for each other as well as peach roses and pink roses. Purple and pink orchids may need to be substituted for white orchids and visa versa.

Plants: For green and blooming plants, similar plants may be substituted of equal or greater value. For one-of-a-kind plants, such as orchids, we will make every attempt to match the plant type, but may substitute with another color. Containers for plants will be as close as possible. 

Gift Baskets: Substitutions within a basket may be made with items of greater or equal value if necessary to guarantee freshness and timely delivery. 

Substitutions for Special Occasions: Due to the importance of delivering orders for special occasions, such as funerals, birthdays, and anniversaries, on specific days, we may make a substitution of equal or greater value to ensure timely delivery, if the flowers you requested are not available, and we are not able to contact you via the phone number(s) or email address you provided us. 


Delivery Policy 

Specific Times: Delivery times are usually 1pm – 5pm for general orders.

For same day orders, please give us at least 4 hours to process and deliver the flowers as prior orders will be prioritized.

Morning delivery requests and specific time requests will be an additional $15 at checkout for a convenience fee charge. Otherwise, specific times are acknowledged and we will do our best to accommodate, however we cannot guarantee on time delivery unless convenience fee is placed.

In addition, you will receive an email confirmation once the order has been delivered.

Gate codes: are mandatory for our delivery drivers to be able to enter residential or commercial buildings. If you don’t know the gate code for a delivery, please contact the recipient and provide us with it or our driver can contact the recipient before beginning a delivery route to obtain the code. Our policy states that drivers will only wait five minutes outside the gate for a callback. If a driver has to leave a property, the delivery is reassigned for the next day and may charge an additional delivery fee.

If No One is Home: Depending on the delivery location, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the delivery person may leave the gift in a safe place for the recipient to retrieve when they return, such as with a neighbor, or leave a message for the recipient to call to arrange for delivery. 

Recipient May be Contacted: In some cases, the florist may contact the recipient to ensure s/he will be home to accept the delivery.

Request to Leave Item at Door: The customer assumes all liability for requests to leave arrangements. We highly discourage special instructions requesting delivery to a doorstep, porch, yard or any location where the recipient cannot accept the arrangement themselves. We cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty product due to this special request.



Water should be changed daily to maximize flower’s life. Room temperature water is required. To keep bacteria at bay, clean out the vase every 2-3 days. If it is a flower foam arrangement, add water every 1-2 days to keep flowers at optimal hydration. Always remember to pick out fallen foliage or petals that have fallen into the vase, as those can contaminate the water.

Trimming Flowers 

 For arrangements in vases, remove 3/4″ to one inch from the bottom of the stem every few days and be sure to cut the stem at an angle to allow the flower the best chance to take up water. Use a sharp knife or sharp scissors. Avoid smashing the stems because that can damage the water vessels. 


Arrangements should be placed in cool spots inside the house (between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Should be away from direct sunlight or heat, which would cause flowers to wilt faster.


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