Whats is flowers vending machine (CFVM)

Introducing an innovative, automated self-service retail delivery system designed to boost revenue, profitability, and return on investment (ROI) for both new and existing retail establishments. This system not only enhances the customer purchasing experience but also reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency, especially during non-business hours.

Our team boasts a collective experience of over a century in the floral industry, encompassing software development, marketing, and automation. This wealth of expertise has culminated in the creation of the very first automated floral retail management system for perishable goods. Each CFVM (Automated Floral Vending Machine) smart cooler is equipped with a ready-to-use software package and API that seamlessly integrates with nearly any point-of-sale system, website, or mobile app, using secure, industry-standard data protocols. This empowers CFVM owners and operators with a comprehensive, cloud-based backend management system, enabling remote oversight of sales and inventory for each unit.

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Oportunity for florists

Ever wondered about the floral sales you might be missing out on after your business closes for the day? Instead of just wondering, why not consider meeting the needs of modern retail flower shoppers? Nowadays, consumers have the convenience of purchasing flowers 24/7 from various sources like online shops and supermarkets, some even offering delivery within a mere two-hour window. So, why not enable them to continue buying flowers from your store?

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