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Chic Flowers has discovered yet another way to bring people closer to the world of blooms. Our in-house floral artist, Alona, infuses her passion and creativity into every exquisite floral arrangement. Meanwhile, our cutting-edge refrigerated vending machines preserve her masterpieces until the perfect moment. A harmonious blend of aesthetics, a collaboration with Chic Flowers can elevate foot traffic and customer loyalty at your location.

As both a revenue generator and a captivating centerpiece, our Chic Flowers machines introduce a unique element to your commercial space. In an era where traditional retailers grapple with engaging consumers, innovative shopping experiences can significantly enhance in-person shopping. When that shopping experience is as stunning and distinctive as a Chic Flowers vending machine, you're sure to witness and enjoy the advantages.

What You Bring

We are actively seeking visionary commercial partners in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas to host our fresh floral shopping stations. If you possess the foot traffic, visibility, and passionate customer base that aligns with our goals, then you are precisely the type of business we are eager to collaborate with. As the once-thriving success of retail storefronts in shopping malls and commercial centers levels off, it is increasingly apparent that fresh attractions are required to attract the kind of business you desire.

In conjunction with your existing endeavors, a Chic Flowers vending machine can introduce an additional dimension to your retail space. Our stunning floral arrangements and sophisticated technology will complement your surrounding businesses in enticing a growing number of customers to your location. They can relish a range of distinctive buying and gifting experiences that are simply unattainable behind a computer screen. By partnering with us, you are incorporating yet another compelling reason for shoppers to visit your physical store.

Oportunity for florists

Ever wondered about the floral sales you might be missing out on after your business closes for the day? Instead of just wondering, why not consider meeting the needs of modern retail flower shoppers? Nowadays, consumers have the convenience of purchasing flowers 24/7 from various sources like online shops and supermarkets, some even offering delivery within a mere two-hour window. So, why not enable them to continue buying flowers from your store?

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